Most people may not be aware that I love fashion. I love the outfits, the shows, the designers, the photography, the history, and the intricate artistry that goes into everything. I also enjoy the lifestyle of the people who make it all happen, and that of those who are there to consume it. The sheer decadence, the wastefulness, the frivolity of it all is what turns many people off about the fashion world, but to me it’s one of the most alluring parts. It’s all so alien and opposite to my daily experience that I can’t look away – and I don’t want to.

 FRANCE-FASHION Karl Lagerfeld

It sometimes seems as if the people involved in fashion are the most jaded, overwrought humans on the planet. Yet somehow they find a way to continue with their work, to maintain their artistic drive, to carry on to the next season. The opposing influences of their world weariness and their childlike joy when something new actually arrives on the scene makes their life stories some of the most frantic and dramatic that will ever be told. The fact that their whims have some influence on what we might end up wearing at some point adds a note of intrigue the whole affair.

RussiaPast RussiaFuture

There’s also a historical and cultural element to fashion which intrigues me. Look at the two pictures above from two recent Russian shows. One designer obviously takes inspiration from ideas of the past, while the other reaches towards what he imagines the outfit of the future to be. The fashion industry is uniquely focused on what came before, because everyone is so concerned with creating something new. This historical perspective also draws me in, as every interview drops at least two or three names of the designers, outfits, and models which inspired the interviewee, and then I have to go and learn about them to see what they were talking about.

DeathStarRodarte LukeRodarte

Also, Star Wars. I just ran into these and I had to stick them in the post.

Do I consider myself to be a fashionable/stylish person? Not really, although I like to think that I put a little more thought into what I wear than most men. Do I want to be one? …Maybe… I don’t know if I can see myself sinking the time and the money into clothes that some people do. In a fantasy world where I was wealthy and unemployed, sure, I could see it happening. For now I’m simply an observer from the outside, enjoying the creations that people have on display, whether that means on the runway or on the street. Maybe someday I’ll ante up and get some nice custom tailored outfits for myself. That would be something.