Busy Bee

Wow it has been a while! Everything has been moving at such a fast pace lately with school and the Sherlock series 2 inspiration splurge that it’s so hard to keep up! This semester is my last full line up of classes, and I should be graduating in the Winter. Oh-ho! Look out world, soon I will be free.

I’ve also been putting a lot of energy into the project I’ve organized, The BBC Sherlock Sketchbook Project. Thankfully the hard part of that is over and now I get to sit back, relax, and watch what everyone does for the project. It was tough work, but I couldn’t be more proud with the way it’s going. It’s incredible seeing the things people are making for it. The piece above is one of my three contributions to the project.

I’ll be having a table at Comicpalooza this year next to two of my good friends Toni Shelton and Aiji. I’ve never had an artist table surrounded by close friends, so I’m excited to have the company other than my lovely slave drivers that help me with my own table.

2 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. Ahhh! It’s insane the amount of work you’ve produced and all the progress you’ve been making. INSANE! So proud of and, not gonna lie, inspired by you, woman. Seriously. : ) Keep kicking ass!

    Looking forward to comicpalooza. Even if I’m nervous as heck and have yet to make anything for it, really… But two-ish months is plenty of time, right? Bring it! : D

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