Gallery Updates and Fresh Houstonians

Check out the gallery! It got a pretty beefy update. Lots of new work in each section, a new Sketch Card section, and the pieces have been put in order of new to old rather than the other way around.

Boy what a Summer. I am now officially a Houstonian! And that little transformation is what stole my Summer break unfortunately. On the plus side we’re in a much nicer apartment and my husband is only a few blocks away from his job. Now that we’re all settled in school is starting on Wednesday. Just in time, right? At least it’s my last semester and it’ll be a slow and enjoyable one. I’ll still be able to get some work done.

Space City Con was a few weeks ago and I had a blast. I was a tad weary since it was a first year con, but it went great I think! I very much enjoyed sharing a table with my new friend Jessi and seeing a bunch of people.

I added a list of the conventions I am going to go to and would like to go to on the side. Hopefully I can get in on all of ’em!


Unexpected Good Surprises

Wow it’s been a while! I did say I was going to give the content on this site a huge update but a fantastic surprise came up that got in the way. My husband got a job! In result of this we’ll very likely be moving closer to the city in the Northwest Houston area. Unfortunately that means I need to try to empty out our storage unit as well as I can. So that’s where most of my free time went during my couple of weeks of Summer break as well as prepping for Comicpalooza.

Speaking of Comicpalooza, it was phenominal for me this year. Definitely my best convention yet as an artist! It also marked a year of doing comic book conventions. Because it went so well I’ll also be attending Space City Con and Austin Comic Con. Toni, my tablemate at Comicpalooza, will be joining me again at Austin.

Now I’m in Summer classes which will pretty much be my last time school will be kinda rough until I graduate in December. I was a little worried of being in an online Summer class and a Summer art class at the same time, but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. History of animation is pretty interesting stuff and I don’t usually feel too overloaded with information so I can fully enjoy all of the details. However it does make me wish I was in an on-campus and more involved course on the subject rather than a brief online summer course. I may not be much of an animator but the information is great. My Advanced Drawing class that I’m also taking feels a little dull, but that’s because I took it just last semester (you can repeat certain advanced courses since there is a small selection in classes). In my senioritis I’m growing a little tired of class assignments. I only have three weeks left of all of this Summer class business anyway so it’ll be done with before I get the chance to love or hate any of it too much.