A Fresh New Year

Let me tell you I am so glad that 2015 has come. Last year was a weird year for me. Many miraculous things happened but the instability kept me torn to shreds. But all has calmed down now. I’d like to think that last year was a lot of setup to make this year even more remarkable.

Here’s my first batch of 2015 sketches~


Quarter of a Century

I turned 25 back in July and it has been just crazy since.

The weekend before my birthday I had a nice little gathering with a couple of friends and Robert. It was a small group but definitely one of the best birthdays I’ve had. I recently got back into playing Team Fortress 2, so most of the night was spent with us nerding out over it. I was surrounded by people that I love dearly that make me feel just as loved back and we spent the night exclaiming our shared enthusiasm for the game. We had a sing-a-long moment in the car with TF2 remixes, and at a local coffee shop we circled around and sketched. Then we spent the rest of the night chit-chatting in the apartment and playing the game together. The whole night was warming and nostalgic.

The following weekend I went to San Antonio for San Japan whom E.K. Weaver invited me to share a table with her. I don’t do anime cons much these days, but it was a great location and I love being reunited with old friends that attend them regularly. On my birthday night we all went to a food truck park (MY FAVORITE). I got to meet a friend of E.K.’s, Dusty, who has become a very supportive and kind friend to me. We all chatted about the comics industry, ranted about Moffat, and Dusty asked me some questions about Gods in New York. It was a small thing but someone I barely knew showing so much interest in my characters meant a lot. Robert and I wandered around the waterway enjoying the sights for the last few hours of my birthday. Anais and I also proved that we can’t think about the Armin dub scream from Attack on Titan without pissing ourselves laughing.

As if all of that wasn’t festive enough, the weekend after San Japan was the monster San Diego Comic Con! I’d never been before and heard nothing but how insanely stressful and crowded it was. After all of the negativity I’ve heard surrounding it for so long, I actually ended up having a blast! It was incredible seeing all these things first hand. I got to see figures that haven’t been released yet, people I’ve known on the internet, meeting artists I love, see big video game companies showing off their goods and creators, I played fucking BAYONETTA 2, I met GOD DAMN MIKE KRAHULIK, JERRY HOLKINS, AND SOME OF THE PENNY ARCADE CREW. I also got to have dinner with the Dusty I met the weekend before along with their life partner and a friend of theirs. The whole thing was magical and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to go. All thanks to my friend Diana Sprinkle. I wrote about it all a little more in depth on a Tumblr entry.

After San Diego Robert and I started our search for a house. It was a little slow at first because we ended up with some confusing situations but once we decided what area we wanted to live in and how we were going to go about it, it happened very quickly. We found a house that fit us perfectly. So now we’re here making ourselves comfortable in our new home.

With all of these things together, it made for a hectic Summer. But instead of feeling a quarter-life crisis, I’ve been feeling like a new and even better stage of my life is hitting. I’m proud of where my life has been heading, and it only seems to get better. I’m so grateful for my experiences. It’s been a rough year creative output wise, but I believe I’m going to be bouncing back twice as hard to make up for it!


Get Out and Do It

Sometimes I’ll hear friends or acquaintances talk about how they would like to do tables at events but their anxiety and confidence keeps them from doing it. However, anxiety was something that I had to deal with too.

I started selling at conventions when I was 18, the first one I sold at was Anime Matsuri 2008. I didn’t know it then, but I definitely had social anxiety. I was outright terrified of talking to people I wasn’t familiar with. The thing is, though I knew that never talking to anyone was going to get me nowhere in my life as an artist. My determination was so strong that anything personal wasn’t going to get in my way of pushing myself out there.

My first couple of years were rough. I was terrified of emailing people I didn’t know, imagine when I was put behind a table and forced to talk to random individuals. I say forced to, but really at first there were often times where I straight up wouldn’t talk to people. I’m very lucky to have had Robert with me through these years, bless his soul, he had to do a lot of the engaging and approaching of people for me. I wouldn’t have kept myself from going out and doing these things if I didn’t have him, but it made the process a lot less painful than it could have been.


Anime Matsuri 2008, my first anime convention

I started out with anime conventions which I believe was the right choice for me who had to start from nothing and didn’t have any professional acquaintances which I could get advice from. It was a good environment for testing things out and learning. There are a lot of inexperienced young people at them that also don’t know what they’re doing, and the crowd as a whole isn’t terribly picky about the quality of the merchandise.

Comicpalooza 2011

Comicpalooza 2011, my first comic con

After about three years I felt I was ready both socially and artistically to start exhibiting at comic conventions. The contrast between anime and comic cons was staggering. I was met with people being kind and very enthusiastic about my work. Folks didn’t just flip through my portfolio looking for their favorite character and walk off in disappointment when they didn’t find them. Instead they’d pick up my card and maybe even commission me. There were occasionally kind people at anime conventions, but at comic cons it seems like they are the majority.

Comic conventions became a new source of inspiration for me and I’m so grateful to have pulled through my social hindrances to be able to experience them. I get to befriend and chat with such talented peers, and share my work with attendees that are enthusiastic about my work.

If you’re afraid of going out and doing tables, just do it. It might seem a tad scary at first, but once you start it only gets easier. Never be afraid to ask around for advice. If you feel that you might be uncomfortable talking with attendees, bring a friend along that’d be willing to support you in your not-so-strong moments. Doing them has brought a life surrounded by passion, and I hope it’s something nobody will miss out on out of fear and anxiety.


Denver Comic Con 2013


2013 in Review!


This year is best described as OVERWHELMING. In the good ways! But also in the very exhausting ways.

Art Things:
- Had interviews with JetPens and HoustonPress
- Talked with girls so they could get their Comic Artist Girl Scouts badge with Jessi
- Got a Daily Deviation on my business card design
- Went from about 300ish followers to just about hitting 1000 on Tumblr this year
- Sold at my first con outside of Texas!
- Built a relationship with a WONDERFUL printer, Catprint
- Had an amazing time selling at an Adventure Time gallery show
- Made a con banner (which I need to replace because of Kara’s new design)
- Changed my Username everywhere to JamieKinosian

Non Art:
- Rammy came over for a week!
- Met Bruce Boxleitner (Tron)
- Met Dee Bradley Baker (The Voice of Viewtiful Joe)
- Adopted a wonderful pet Leopard Gecko, Legate Vincent
- Maintained plants successfully
- Got a 3DS and a WiiU
- Saw Anamanaguchi
- Went to Video Games Live (fourth year)

Entertainment of this year:
Adventure Time
Final Fantasy 9 (Replay)
Trigun (Rewatch)
Star Trek: TNG and DS9
Marathoned all Star Trek movies 1-10
Started Mass Effect

It has bugged me that I’m a bit of an astronomy/space nerd but never found myself into SciFi. The thing is I think SciFi, like Fantasy, so often easily goes into epic stories that comes across as a bit stoic and that’s not really my tastes. And also often end up large stories which are a bit intimidating for me. But I finally got over the hump and started watching Star Trek. I made it through TNG and DS9. The Next Generation was cute and fun, but Deep Space 9 really moved me with the character dynamics. Now I’m taking a bit of a break from Star Trek and playing Mass Effect. Like Star Trek I’ve been wanting to play it but was super intimidated by the amount of it.

I also got into plays this year. I went to my first play, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club, with my best friends Jessi and Sasha. I enjoyed it so much that Jessi got me tickets for my birthday to see The Hollow. Which was also brilliant. Just between the two shows I found myself attached to the actors. They’re surprisingly inexpensive and so intimate. It’s a feeling I could get addicted to.

This year’s goals aren’t really that solid. I don’t like to make them too much so anyway.
- Finish the Face the Music pitch pages
- Continue to develop Gods in New York (gonna make a Patreon for posts about it!)
- IMPROVE ART but really that’s a given. Master damn backgrounds and start doing comics
- Make sure I can keep on top of everything and not get too overwhelmed


kara and alex copy


Star Trek: The Next Generation

TNG rundown

I finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation the other night and I almost can’t believe it! I spent about a month only watching it while I was working. It’s kind of funny having a fresh experience with a 25 year old show that most people grew up with.

A lot of people are getting into Star Trek lately, but to be honest it wasn’t because of the movies for me. First of all my husband is a fan, so we’ll have conversations about it sometimes. Often enough that I was familiar with the characters with only watching one or two episodes of each series. I was always too intimidated by the sheer amount of it to even try to approach it.

Data & Spot Commission from Comicpalooza

Data & Spot Commission from Comicpalooza

But a big factor that got me to finally jump in was conventions! At Comicpalooza I did a commission of Data & Spot and I was so excited that I watched every episode that had Spot in it. I’m boring and Data’s my favorite so it really dragged me in. I hadn’t really gotten around to watching more after that due to being busy, but then Space City Con happened. At one point I ran to the bathroom and as Robert Picardo had just walked out of the men’s room, I gave him a smile and a nod (I just do that to people ok). Immediately after my brain went “!!! IT’S THE DOCTOR FROM VOYAGER AND HE’S ADORABLE!!” and felt bad that I was excited but didn’t have the appreciation of having watched the show. Also the original bridge from Enterprise-D was nestled into the Artist Alley for people to take pictures in. It was kind of inconveniently placed so I tripped on it a few times. I wanted to take pictures on it, but again felt bad that I hadn’t seen the show. And at another point I passed John de Lancie walking down a hall. It was kind of frustrating having all of this culture around me that I wanted to experience and appreciate, but couldn’t yet.

AND THAT’S WHERE IT BEGAN. I started finally watching TNG. I’m having a little tiiiiny break before DS9 to let it settle in a little bit more. Hoping to have a marathon of all the movies here soon too!

doodled this on Miiverse on the Nintendo WiiU

doodled this on the Miiverse on the Nintendo WiiU

So here’s kinda ~the final verdict~ on my experience with TNG.

Favorite Episodes (chronological order):
♥ S2E3 Elementary, Dear Data
♥ S3E16 The Offspring
♥ S4E2 Family
S6E16 Birthright Pt. 1
♥ S6E19 Lessons
♥ S7E15 Lower Decks

Favorite Characters:
♥ Team Data (w/Geordi, Lore, Lal, The Soongs, Spot, etc)
♥ Worf & Fam
♥ Guinan

Favorite Minor Characters:
♥ K’Ehleyr
Sergey & Helena Rozhenko
♥ Commander Pulaski
♥ Sito Jaxa
♥ Lieutenant Yar

Scenes from the episode "Family"

Scenes from the episode “Family”

I was so inspired by the whimsical adorableness of Data, but also how he can have some heartbreaking moments. That’s usually how I like it best. I’d say what my favorite moments of his but there are just so many. His daughter, being a Sherlock Holmes fanboy, him as a captain, his haunting brother, his actor, his dreams… I could go on forever. I find it so exciting that Brent Spiner is from Houston! I’m hoping to make a painting that’s a tribute to Data here soon. Here’s a sketch I did of Data & Lore. His line “Often Wrong’s got a broken heart, Can’t even tell his boys apart” made me nearly poop myself.

lore and data large cop2y

There’s a couple characters I wish could have been in the series more, specifically K’Ehleyr and Pulaski. Kind of a weird thought, but I would have loved to have seen K’Ehleyr meet Worf’s parents. It would have been so sweet and I think they would have gotten along well. I wish Pulaski was the doctor through the series. I loved her as a character and I actually would have liked to seen where her relationship with Data would have gone. Everyone on the Enterprise has so much faith in Data and gives him all their support, so it was interesting having one character that didn’t just go along with his fight to achieve humanity and didn’t entirely believe his potential. I wish that dynamic could have evolved as she watched herself be proven wrong.

It feels good to finally jumping into the Star Trek culture after I’ve been wanting to for so long! I’m looking forward to watching the other series.


JetPens Goodies!

Untitled-4 copy

I actually started planning to make an order through Jetpens before they approached me about the interview. It was a pretty crazy coincidence.

Here’s all the goodies I got:
Pink scotch tape doughnut dispenser
Blue uni color pencil lead .7
Deleter nibs spoon model
Green Pilot Dr. Grip play border shaker mech pencil .7
Pink uni Alpha gel slim mech pencil .3
Zebra disposable brush pen fine
Gold uniball signo
Two white uniball signos
White pilot choose
White uniball signo angelic
Five packs of four pentel pocket brush refills

I’ve been wanting to try out nibs for a long time, and Hell Rammy bought me this tachikawa nib holder that’s been waiting for some nibs to be put in it. Looking forward to see how I’ll like it.

Untitled-5 copy

I couldn’t resist the green .5 mechanical pencil. I was sold the minute I saw you can put a charm on it. I immediately put on the cockatiel charm I got from Jeff who is actually doing cheap commissions right now! Also you can put stuff inside, so I put a few of my Banao stickers I’ve been hoarding. The blue .5 lead is being used with it.

I got the fancy pink .3 mechanical pencil because .3 is pretty much my default pencil. That’s all I use anymore. So I thought it’d be lovely to have a nice one instead of my ugly Steadtler ones. I never lose pens/pencils anymore so I figured it’d be worth the investment to have a cute pink pencil to work with.

I wanted to try out the Zebra brush pens I’ve been seeing some people use lately like Paul Maybury and Fiona Staples. It’ll be interesting to try something different.

The rest is just fun stuff or restocking. ♥ Even with free shipping, my package came in three days. Jetpens really is a remarkable company, and I’m thankful they’re here for us artsy folk.


An Interesting Return

After I graduated high school and started college, I began dipping my toes into exhibiting at conventions. I started with anime cons for they seemed to have a more relaxed environment. I learned so much and it also helped to drag me out of most of my social anxiety issues.

A few years later I stepped up to doing comic book conventions and felt more comfortable in that environment. However now after several years of strictly doing comic conventions, I thought it’d be fun to return to an anime con and see my old friends. Anime Fest was my first choice as it was always my favorite and most organized anime con in Texas.

It was quite the return. The weekend was full of meeting amazing artists, spoiling myself with One Piece stuff, and fighting off tears every so often being reunited with old friends (many of which were at my wedding). I got to see Jenni, Cindy, Amy Krista, Raimi, Steph, Rebecca, Nostalgia and my old Ace Attorney crew, and just so many more.

One Piece may have been a big influence in getting me to think about going to an anime con and I got some sweet random merch as well as a tiny figure of Robin I’ve been wanting super bad! Thank goodness for that dealer that let me just pay $1 to open more blind boxes so I could get her. And Krista brought a bottle from Japan of Franky Cola. So excited to have such an awesome souvenir.

I couldn’t believe how nice other really talented artists were! Monday was an exciting day of print trades. I’m so flatted so many were willing to. So many of them has beautiful business cards too. You should check out all their incredible work:

Mackenzie WalkerAshley CassadayAmanda Coronado
Grace FongHanna
& AllyJessica WilliamsGreat Impressions
Emily SmithJose EsquivelBethanyWhite Oblivion


Gods in New York

Alex and Kara REDO REF

Very recently I obtained the domain GodsinNewYork.com, and ever since I have been fueled to make it a more solid reality.

Gods in New York is a comic I’m making about my two characters Alex and Kara and their developing relationship and adventures in New York. Alex is the wood nymph of Central Park that needs to leave her immediate domain for a while. She befriends and room mates with Kara, but brings her energy with her into Kara’s life.

For quite some time I struggled with Kara’s design. I didn’t feel like the characters complemented each other. But very recently and quite out of nowhere I thought about making her black. I was so excited by the thought because it was just felt so perfect, but I had just printed my banner for convention with them on it so I was a bit hesitant at first. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind and had to go with it before I regretted it. I am so much more inspired by her design now and finally happy with it.

Kara and Alex photo

I’m excited about the way Gods in New York is going and I’m glad these characters have been slowly but surely been coming to life.

44 copy

I also just recently commissioned a friends of mine, CJ Rasmussen, to draw them for me! I adore her art, so it means the world to have my characters drawn in her style.